Saturday, 29 April 2017

making a mold

Buddies showering

art by Amedeo Preziosi - Dancing Dervishes (1857)

Pure male

erotic gif

Rayon de soleil


Pure male

a room with a view


Neil Marshall by Ricky Cohete

Pure male

Friday, 28 April 2017


art by Aimé Barraud (Swiss, 1902-1954), Les œillets

from the “PHOSPHORUS”   book  by George Striftaris

In the Alps

Nayon Rangel Iovino - Ballet Arizona - photographer Ron Brewer

Douglas de Almeida and Luca-Andrea Tessarini - dancers

dancer Jordan Robson - photo by Darren Black

dancer James Whiteside - American Ballet Theatre

dancer Justin Schlabach

art by Max Moreau

art by Susan Culbert

art by Mario Donizetti

art by Pascal Casolari

art by Jody Hewgill

art by Camden Place

art by Gaston Goor

Glad to see you!


A votre santé!

Every man has one

Pure male

Ph. Ewoud Broeksma - cyclist Patrick van der Duin


Nude pose

Pyotr Skvortsov in (M)uchenik (2016)

Pure male

Proud nudist

art by Juliusz Martwy

Plas Canol to the Moelwyns by Jim Edwards

Power Flower