Tuesday, 28 February 2017


Gary Cooper in THE FIRST KISS (1928).  Photographer unknown.

art by WILLEM DE KOONING. Pink Angels. 1945

Bodybuilder Richard Bennett.  1960's.  Photographer unknown.

PAT MILO.  John Manning.  1950's.

PLAYGIRL MAGAZINE.  Lou Zivkovich.  1974.

art by ANTONIS KARAFYLLAKIS.  Nude study with sword.  1931.  Oil on canvas. 

split image



Pure male

Breaking Through

Pure male

Nelson Garcia | ph. Trey McIntyre


data unknown

a few clementines a day keeps the doctor away

Strike a pose

A clean start of the day

Back to nature

photographer Jose Morales - model Justin Bach

Pure male

Farmer, by Gustave Roud, circa 1940s.

Study, by William Mulready 1846.

model Jes Vill by David Vance

Saturday, 25 February 2017

Pure male

Pure male

Enjoy jerking, mate


breed it

naked run

saturday morning

art by Gunther Gerzo

tea towel art

art by Magritte

photo art by Rodolfo Dominguez - model Héctor Ferreyra