Friday, 31 March 2017

Pure male

Pure male

Pure male

Pure male

Renzo Rometo photographed by Gabe Ayala for Adon Magazine

art by Rainer Fetting

art by Henry Lamb (British, 1883-1960)

The Green Man

Patrick Frost by Daniel Rosenthal

The Wrestler (c.1840) by William Etty

art by Hans Thoma

Be free!

art by Marsden Hartley (born 1877 died 1943) He was a gay American modernist painter.

Model Jonathan by photographer Matt Hopkins


art by William Etty, The bowman, c.1830.

Pure male

Skin deep by Erwin Olaf

Bruno - Santorini - Greece

Ragnar Larsson, 1924, Sweden. Olympic wrestler.


data unknown

unknown man, modelling in the studio of Belgian sculptor Jacques de Lalaing in the 1880-1890s.

Poet, memoirist, police officer and historian Ernest Raynaud (1864-1936)

Ernest Cadine, first French Olympic weightlifting champion in 1920

Pure male

I like weird people


Pure male

Pure male


Pure male

art by Alberto Prado

art by Ale Ruaro

Russian-American wedding (with Robert Filippini), Palace of Weddings No. 4, Moscow, April 12, 1994. Photo by Laura Ilyina